Our Mission

We moved to the Dominican Republic on June 15th, 2006. Both Mike and I were fresh out of college with grand plans for changing the world.  We began our journey by working with an already established ministry in the Dominican and it was an amazing experience.  Our plans were to be "lifers" with this organization but God had other plans.

In the summer of 2012, God began to stir in our hearts a vision and a calling to run an orphanage.  We didn't know any other details besides that but we knew what He was asking of us.

Unsure as to the specifics of His request we continued seeking Him and His plans for our family, not really knowing where this adventure would take us.

In February of 2014, it became clear that the time had come to take the plans of starting an orphanage very seriously.  God was asking us if we were willing to give up our own plans and follow His.  We surrendered with willing hearts and said, "Yes.  Send us!"

June of 2014, two years of dreaming began to form what was to become reality.  We started the process of opening an orphanage in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The journey is just beginning.  We couldn't be more excited or more passionate for what God will do through us.  Above all, and through it all, He has only asked us to do one thing and let the rest fall into place...


Love God.  Love Others.  Live Radically.

This is where we found our place.  This is where we truly found our calling. God has called us to serve the people on the island of Hispaniola by loving unconditionally in all circumstances.  We have a special passion for the lost and unloved children of this island.  Our desire is to give them a home, reveal Christ's love through us and help them to engage their full potential through adulthood.  Christ's love rescues, we hope to be the vessels that He uses to do that through.