Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Generation of Missionary

It has been a month since we updated our ministry blog and we apologize greatly for that, but it was with good reason. We have been busy taking care of our little arrival for the past three weeks. On June 27th at 5:15pm, Landon Joseph came into our world by cesarean section, at 8 pounds and 19 inches. For pictures you can visit our family site at

For the past couple weeks, I have stayed home and adjusted to life as a new mom while Mike returned to the office part-time to get some much needed work done. He has been busily e-mailing and contacting Christian College Soccer coaches to see if their college or university would be interested in a soccer trip to the Dominican Republic. He has also asked if he could lead a devotional or come speak to their teams during pre-season. Just one day after he sent out a batch of e-mails, he already had 4 responses of interested coaches! Praise Jesus!!! Since then he has had several more responses and also coaches wanting Mike to come speak to their teams. It has really lit Mike's passion for soccer and passion for our ministry in the DR. Needless to say, we are both getting antsy to return to the Dominican Republic.

We are hoping to return by the second week of September and stay through the 11th of November, then return for a mission's conference and for the holidays and then return again to the DR in January. We ask for your continuted prayers and guidance as it will be an adjustment returning to the field with a baby, but we feel our calling to the DR more now than ever and are excited for our son to be a part of the ministry.

Below is a picture of our little Landon!!!