Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

This month we have been getting back into the routine of ministry again. After a few weeks off adjusting to being parents, we are workng towards the future, including getting back to the Dominican.

Mike did several speaking engagements this month (hence the pictures) in an attempt to not only find some monthly support for Mike and I but really pushing towards finding American supporters for Dominican pastors and Christian workers.

After receiving the news that Northbrook Church has decided to go in a different direction and in making that decision it meant not supporting us, we were feeling a bit discouraged. We are really seeking a church that can support us at a significant amount monthly. But after one of the speaking engagements, a church from High Point, North Carolina is going to be reviewing the possibility of supporting us, next month. Praise the LORD!!!! Please keep this church in prayer as they consider us to be partners with them.

Mike also went to Huntington College in Indiana and led the soccer team in afternoon devotions and presented the possibility of them taking trip down to the Dominican. In the evening, he went and led devotions with the Indiana Wesleyan University Men's Soccer team and did a follow up to the trip that they took this past Spring. The boys were extremely happy to see Mike again and to meet his new son! They were very receptive to Mike's devotional and they all had a great time remembering the adventure they had in the DR.

Mike, Landon and I are getting EXTREMELY anxious to get back home to the DR and are still seeking God's will on when to return. We had pretty much left it in God's and by applying for Landon's passport and saying if it had gotten in on time for us to leave in September, that's what we would do. But with the recent passport problems across the U.S. and the fact that it took 7 weeks for Landon's SS# to come in, we had basically decided that returning in November would be best. But sure enough, as we got used to the fact that we wouldn't return for two and a half more months, Landon's passport arrived just two weeks after we applied for it. Who knew? So now we are wondering if God is trying to reveal a different plan. So please keep us in your prayers as we talk with Brook about what is best and prayerfully seek God's clear plan for the next few months.

It feels great to be back doing ministry again and are excited about the new opportunities that await us in the country we love!