Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Words

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There are few words that bring on a mixture of emotions like the two I am about to write: We're Moving.

The middle of the night has become my think-tank.  For the past year, there have been very few nights where I haven't woken up for a few hours with a racing mind.  In the past four months, my thoughts have been consumed with planning, details, playing devil's advocate, hoping, praying and just plain being excited for what's ahead with Hope House.

Three nights ago, I woke up to feed a hungry baby.  He went back to sleep, I did not.  We have a huge mountain ahead of us in raising $500,000 ($250,000 just so we can purchase land).  It has seemed impossible to me.  It feels like more than I am capable of fathoming.  But as I was wallowing in my own pity party an idea came to me that I had never thought before.  What if we rent the property while we wait for the money to come in?  No, that's crazy, I said to myself.  The owner would never go for it.  Before God laid this vision on our hearts to give a home to the hurting, I would have brushed off this idea.  Afraid that the owner would say no before I even knew what he would say, and not even act on the thought because of my fear of rejection.  Not anymore.  I'm not afraid of much; there are kids who need a home.

So I casually mentioned it to Mike the next day.  "Why didn't I think of that?" he said.  And almost immediately, he called the owner and set up a meeting.  I don't know why I am still surprised when God does amazing things.  He's done it so many times in the last four months I should write a book about it.  But when Mike came back from the meeting I was surprised, gratefully surprised.

When Mike suggested that we rent the property from the owner until we come up with the money to buy, the owner about jumped out of his skin with excitement.  And to make a long, beautiful story short, we are moving in the land where Hope House will be built.  And what's more amazing?  The rent that we will be paying the owner?  He's going to count every cent of it toward our final costs.  And at the end of the conversation, Mike said both the owner and his wife had tears running down their faces in awe of how God moves; how He works for those who love Him and want to bring Him glory.

That, my friends, is totally awesome.

So we're moving.  Moving away from everything we have known for the last eight years.  Moving to a community we know nothing about.  Moving our family into a new phase of ministry, uncharted territories.  Moving away from all of our friends.  Moving out of our comfort zone.

But, oh, we are moving towards something so incredible.  Moving toward making a home for children who feel confused by their life circumstances.  Moving to a place that God has prepared ahead of time for us and whatever little ones will be placed in our care.  Moving into new roles as "parents" with the opportunity to love those who have never felt it before.

We're moving, alright.