Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lisa and Wilby Engaged

I should have posted these in the Fall...but, better late than never! Lisa is one of our fellow missionaries and Wilby works with G.O. as well. Lisa and Wilby will be getting married in August of this year and I'm TOTALLY excited to be shooting their wedding. Enjoy the pictures! Sorry this is so late, Lis!

Safe and Sound back Home!

Mike, Landon and I are safe and sound back in the DR. We went straight to work as we flew in with a team. Just wanted to let everyone know and thanks for the great visits while we were home in May, even though they were short.

The picture below is a shot of a boy from the Hole. He kept asking me to take his picture but he would always make this tough face so finally I told him I wouldn't take a picture unless he he did. And what a beautiful smile it is.