Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lessons Learned

It's pretty obvious when I post something on the blog because I don't have a picture to go along with it. It has been a while since I last wrote anything but I just wanted to share a little bit about something that happened last month and the message I took away from it.

I have been wanting to write for a while now about Landon's fall last month. Those of you who have seen our personal blog have read about the fall Landon took off of the futon. For those that don't know this is what happened and something God showed me through the whole ordeal. Landon has been climbing up the back of the futon for a while now. We are constantly telling him to get down which he doesn't so we have tried timeouts and a slap on the hand which none of them work. We try to explain why he can't climb up the back, because he could fall and get hurt really bad. I don't know how much a 20 month old understands an explanation like that though.

One day it finally happened and he fell. I watched it happen almost in slow motion. I watched him fall and land hard and awkwardly on his head. Somehow I remained completely calm as I ran over to grab him and comfort him. At the same time I was checking for any outward signs of trauma. I didn't see anything on his head so I called my dad to see what I should look for in case he had a concussion. About the same time I was hanging up with Dad Goody came home to a crying baby. After a brief explanation about what happened she takes over the care and comfort so I can leave the room and cry myself. I hated so badly to see him get hurt and for that to happen to him. I wanted to somehow switch places with him right before the fall happened so I could take the hit to the head. Even though he had disobeyed me which resulted in him getting hurt I wanted to take it away. I would take a hit like that over and over for him.

Once the storm calmed the teaching began. I started thinking about how many times God has had to tell me "quit climbing on the futon" but for some reason I ignore him or forget what he says. After the timeouts and slaps on the hands I still have to do it again. The difference though is that Jesus took the fall on the head for me. It wasn't just falling on his head it was giving up his life. So that I don't have to constantly fall on my head he gave himself completely for me. The way I love Landon and would give anything for him not to hurt even when he disobeys, Jesus loves me that much and even more. I say I would put myself through anything to save and protect Landon, and I have no doubts about that, but Jesus has already done it for me and that's why I am saved!

I hate that it took Landon getting hurt for this lesson but am thankful for it at the same time. Landon is doing just fine with only a black eye resulting from the fall. The futon has been moved up against a wall as a result.