Sunday, November 02, 2014

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday.  A day dedicated to kids in desperate situations.  A day dedicated to kids, that every second are being abandoned, neglected and abused.  A day that brings light to a subject that is hard for people to talk about, let alone feel like there's anything they can do.

But today can be different for you.  For a child.  For this hurting world.

All over the United States, churches will be gathering and participating in Orphan Sunday.  There is nothing that brings us more joy than to know there are 24 hours where orphans will be on the forefront of people's minds.  Since God has called us to open Hope House we have been consumed with thoughts of hurting children out there with nowhere to go.  Children who are feeling confused, lonely, lost and unloved because of their circumstances.  We have broken down time and time again over stories, horrific stories, that we have heard since beginning this journey.  We know that for too many children around the world, their lives have been altered and there is only a small window of opportunity to remind them, and show them, that they are worth it.

Today, as you are making breakfast, having your morning coffee, dressing for the day, walking into your churches...would you consider praying?

Pray for children RIGHT NOW who have been abandoned by the very people they thought loved them.

Pray for children who have been sexually exploited and who every moment feel less and less worthy of the love they rightfully deserve.

Pray for healing, both physical and emotional, for kids who have been beaten and abused and who only know that kind of life.

Pray for orphanages that every year are filling more and more, with less and less room and resources to care for the children in need.

Pray for orphanage workers who are weighed down by the job they've been charged to do, knowing the difficulties that laid before and lie ahead of the children in their care.

Pray for how God would want you to respond to the overwhelming need in orphan-care.  Fostering?  Domestic or International adoption?  Giving toward reputable causes?

These kids need us.  We need you.  Hope House needs you.

We have a big feat ahead of us.  A whopping $250,000 to raise to buy the orphanage property and begin construction.  If God is tugging at your heart, inspiring you to give, asking you to help, would you consider donating today and helping us make this dream a reality?  In return helping us change a child's future, making them see their worth and giving them hope.

On the sidebar of our blog there is a Paypal link.

$10.  Start with $10.  Maybe down the road God will ask you to do more.  But start with $10.  Ask your friends to start with $10.  Ask your churches to start with $10.  Make a step towards ending the cycle of orphans.

Stand in the gap for those who are hurting.
"One hundred years from now may it never be said of this generation of ezers that we folded our hands and left God's kingdom work to others.  May it never be said that we ignored the cries of the helpless and focused on ourselves.  Let it instead be said that God used those cries to awaken a sleeping [giant] and filled [them] with a terrible resolve...the church, angered and outraged at the unchecked forces of evil in God's world.  That we made up our minds to do something, that our efforts forced the darkness to recede, and that we left the world better off than we found it.  May we be remembered as a generation who caught God's vision, faced our fears, and rose up to serve His cause."

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